Media Planning Is A Critical Skill For Marketers

A person writing notes amongst white paper and a mobile phone

Media planning is either a dark art, or a finger in the air depending on who you talk to, but one this is for sure – advertising budget is under intense scrutiny in businesses and therefore the need to have a well thought through plan is essential.

Planning starts with understanding the audiences that will resonate well with brands and how the brand advertises to them. If this sounds simple, think again.

Planning has evolved and is now a critical skill set

Planning used to be about buying advertising spaces in TV shows where a brand thought their audience would be (they would use a handful of tools for this), and then show them a nice ad whereby a focus group had responded positively.

With the invention of the internet came thousands of websites and millions of advertising opportunities. Coupling this with advancement in technology, users can now consume various forms of media through many different devices and channels. Their attention is constantly shifting and the opportunities for advertisers are vast!

The way in which a brand can access these points of user attention varies, but programmatic is the aggregator. However, can you just put ‘programmatic’ on a media plan and be done with it? Absolutely not.

So what is programmatic planning?

Programmatic planning is agile, proactive, data-driven and focused. It isn’t for the feint hearted. Setting budgets versus campaign goals can be difficult, but when planning is done right it can be highly rewarding.

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